1. Design Process

Our Design process is separated into 3 steps:

Design Requirements

We collect all high-level design requirements from a client (aim, target audience, brand typography scheme, etc).

Requirements Analysis & Research

We compare related industry design trends and list key design advantages on each website.


Information Architecture, Wireframing, Revisions, Final Design

2. Lead Project Manager

Sfundo Gumede serves as our lead project manager, bringing with him over 2 years of extensive experience in overseeing web development projects. During this time, he has successfully managed the completion of more than 10 standard business websites, 8 ecommerce websites, and 18 portfolio websites, showcasing his proficiency and expertise in project management for diverse online ventures.

3. Briefing process before beginning work.

Prior to the project inception, we hold a virtual meeting with our prospective client where we outline our development platforms, what contribution will we require from them, the project timeline, template or custom website, number and type of revisions, and any additional information that needs to be highlighted for both sides (Imbilla & The client) before the project start.

4. Maintenance

We provide 24/7 support and maintenance for the first 3 months after project completion for all our clients. Following this initial period, there is an option to subscribe to our continued support and maintenance services at a nominal monthly rate. Please visit link: web-design

5. Outsourcing

We do partner with freelance designers and developers on large scale projects to speed up our development process.

6. Images

While we offer our clients the option to utilize relevant high-quality royalty-free images in case they encounter challenges providing visual content, we strongly encourage all clients to incorporate authentic pictures of their businesses. This practice enhances the website’s credibility and reinforces the existence of the business.

portrait of handsome African black young business man working on laptop computer at office desk

7. Handover

After project completion we create a report for our clients which include all access details to their website backend, Cpanel, and/ domain registrar. We also provide training which depends on the type of website.

8. SEO Practices

Alt Text for all images.

Title tags.

Meta descriptions.

Integration of google analytics using google tag manager.

Integration of google search console.

Meta descriptions.

9. Marketing Integration

We use Google Tag Manager to integrate Facebook pixel, LinkedIn pixel, Google Remarketing Tag, and Floodlights

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